• YPDP alumni come from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds — from remote colleges of India to India's leading institutions — and top-ranked universities across the world. They belong to small towns, cities, villages and metropolitans spread across the country.


    Several interns in 2020 came from leading IITs and IIMs.

    IIT Bombay

    IIT Kharagpur

    IIT Madras

    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

    IIT Bhubaneswar

    IIT Patna

    IIT Guwahati

    IIM Lucknow


    Many represented NITs, from Meghalaya to Trichy.​

    NIT Trichy

    NIT Durgapur

    NIT Karnataka

    NIT Meghalaya

    NIT Andhra Pradesh

    NIT Jaipur

    NIT Patna


    Summer 2020 interns included students from top NLUs.

    Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala​

    National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

    Chanakya National Law University, Patna

    Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow​


    Internship Class of 2020 represented several leading institutions of India.

    Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

    University of Delhi

    Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

    NIFT, Delhi

    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India​ (ICAI)

    BITS, Pilani

    Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

    University of Mumbai

    Ashoka University

    Jamia Millia Islamia​

    Delhi Technological University (DTU)

    Christ University

    IMT Ghaziabad

    St. Xavier's College, Kolkata


    Class of 2020 interns included Indian students studying at world-class universities across North America, Europe and Asia.

    Georgetown University

    Tufts University

    University of Toronto

    Babson College

    Kelley School of Business

    Case Western Reserve University

    Lafayette College

    Penn State University​

    Wabash College

    Pace University

    Ithaca College

    University of London

  • AlumniSpeak

    “Enriching experience!”

    Shunmuga R.

    IIM Lucknow

    “Amazing! Will cherish for a lifetime.”​

    Karil G.

    IIT Madras

    “The experience was transformative. It came as a blessing in disguise during a time when I was becoming increasingly anxious about my plans for the summer.”

    Saumya M.

    Tufts University, USA

    “The internship was my induction to the journey of Karma Yoga. My story of this internship is all about winning over my dogmas and insecurities. I remember I was so petrified of having my research internship get cancelled. I thought I could never do it. Then, I ended up filing for my first non-research, non-tech internship at Dexterity Global, creating my first resume. And to be honest, my soft skills have drastically improved. It’s unimaginable and more than all I could ask for.”

    Anushka C.

    IIT Patna

    "Came at the right time, gave at the right time, directed at the right time. My perspective for nation, needy ones, less accessible ones has completely change​d. Thanks to The Dexterity Global Group and Sharad Sir for this wonderful life-changing opportunity.”

    Rutuj D.

    IIT Madras

    “Eye-opening! The internship has helped me to come to a firm decision about my future career plans.”​

    Swaraj K.

    NIT Andhra Pradesh

    “Magnificent! The internship has motivated me to start doing something for the society.”​

    Vaishnavi G.

    NIT Karnataka

    “The internship has provided me with a new vision to develop setups that will empower our youth.”​

    Ravi P.

    Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow

    “This internship has given me a broader and first-hand perspective on linking community and career. I have a sense of determination on taking a career path through which I can give back to community. Empowering!”​

    Riyaa R.

    University of Toronto

    “The internship was something unique. I never imagined that an internship would exist in the world with a sole focus on the transformation of interns.”​

    Rohit K.

    Banaras Hindu University

    “Unforgettable experience! Honestly this changed my way of looking towards a problem. This internship helped me to become a good listener and thinker. I used to wait for the Sunday Office Hours with the CEO for the entire week.”

    Yash R.

    Asansol Engineering College

    "Amazing! The internship opened many doors for my path ahead​."​

    Hemanth C.

    IIT Madras

    “This internship was a life-changing experience for me where I was able to ignite my interest towards helping the people around me, especially the ones who need it the most. I developed core values and key skills which will be valuable for me in the journey of life.”​

    Medheer G.

    SSN College of Engineering

    “Incredible! This was huge for me. Coming into this internship, I felt that I had no idea where my career was going and I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am really good at. My internship has definitely given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me, but most importantly, I’ve come to learn that I am not alone.”​

    Abhijeet K.

    LN Mishra College of Business Management

    “Words can't suffice what I've learnt from Dexterity. Will prove it in my actions till the very end of my life. Funny story - a very close friend of mine almost stopped talking to me because I would just keep talking about Dexterity all day and the work of the organization. The organization has had the biggest influence on my life after my father. I feel honoured to have worked for the organization.”​

    Uday S.

    CMR Technical Campus

    “There was a moment during my internship when I was mentally down due to family issues and I almost gave up on continuing this Internship. I also texted the senior management that I won't be able to continue. But, instead of just letting me go they tried contacting me and supporting me. No other organization thinks for their intern in this way, but Dexterity does. This organization accepted me as a family member. This whole thing changed my mind and now I'm willing to continue forever.”

    Arman M.

    Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology

    “Enlightening, unforgettable, mesmerising! I never thought that I will get to directly interact with the CEO of such a big organization. I remember the first mail we got through the organization with the subject "Welcome Home". I will not forget these two months of my life. Thanks to Sharad Sir and everyone in the organization."

    Kshitij R.

    IIIT Jabalpur

    “This internship introduced me to Nishkama Karma.”​

    Leela K.

    Little Flower Junior College, Hyderabad

    "Unconventional! I hadn't yet started applying for internships when the lockdown was announced. I was struggling to find good internships. This internship gave me confidence in my capability to get good opportunities. This is probably the first and only time in my career where I got to work with, learn from and observe a CEO."

    Rahul J.

    IIT Madras

    “The internship was so much more than just the tasks and capstone. It is because of this internship that I believe that I can be the change I want to be.”​

    Mansi G.

    Delhi Technological University

    “Amazing! Where in the world exists an organization where you can directly converse and clear your doubts and ask for guidance from a person at the top, and that too every week. My colleagues in different organizations just had one talk with their senior management, and here I was texting my doubts on WhatsApp and on video conferences. It felt great and actually felt like we were truly part of the organization."

    Shubham W.

    IMT Ghaziabad

    “I have built that feeling of 'I can do it too' with Sharad Sir's motivation. Where I was trying to change thousands of life, I have started with my brother first. I am building a leader in him. If I am able to put those qualities in him, I can do it for more.”​

    Chinmaye J.

    SRM University

    "Life changing! The internship gave me the chance to do positive work for upcoming future leaders and helped me gain more skills in the process.”​

    Prince K.

    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

    “It has helped me to develop moral values and confidence. My thinking process is now more inclined to public service than before. This program was meant to develop a better human being and it has done it beautifully.”

    Shikhar K.

    IIT Bombay

    “It was more than an internship, it was a home of learning. Engaging with the Dexterity CEO has left an everlasting impact on me.”

    Ayush K.

    CNLU Patna

    “This internship was educational. I learnt about the flaws in our education system and realised how those affected me. Now I can work on myself to overcome those.”​

    Kunal P.

    Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

    “An experience of a lifetime! It helped me immensely in improving my work ethic."

    Subham S.

    NIT Durgapur

    “Extraordinary! I'm full of gratitude for the organization to have been given such a well-structured Internship. The structure of the internship was such that it helped me develop several soft professional skills, be it writing, communication, or professional conduct. Besides, it also helped me learn the values that every professional should imbibe in himself/herself for a meaningful life and to emerge as a servant leader for the nation. Will try and never forget 'Be and Make'."

    Abhinav S.

    Amity Law School

    “It was incredible! Learnt a lot. The internship gave me the opportunity to adapt new strategies as well as made me think about every minute inch on leadership, on people-centric change and how these small elements lead to global-level changes.”​

    Akanksha M.

    Manipal University

    “An amazing experience. Now I am much more confident, positive and hopeful for my future career path.”​

    Naman A.

    BITS Pilani

    “The best thing I did in the entire lockdown. Outstanding experience!”

    Subhojit D.

    Ravenshaw University

    “The internship drove and motivated me to start something of my own. I did it and it is growing exponentially, day by day. Thank you for the opportunity!”​

    Dhairya M.

    IIIT Bhubaneswar

    “Extremely knowledgeable and enlightening!”​

    Rajvi R.

    JH Tarapore School, Jamshedpur

    “Every organisation looks for profits but Dexterity is committed to public service. Hence I'll always keep this in mind when I start my own venture as, to be honest, I never thought in this direction earlier.”​

    Udbhav T.

    Christ University

    “One of the best ever learning and growth experience of my life — in all aspects including leadership, empathy and cultural values.”​

    Naman J.

    JECRC College, Jaipur

    “Astounding and extraordinary! The experience brought positivity into my life. I felt like I had a purpose during these times of uncertainty. I needed a push to achieve my goals and this internship gave me just that. I've realised that dedication and hard work can go a long way if I set my heart on doing something. I pulled an all-nighter for the first time to complete researching about a task and that right there is a milestone for me."

    Vibha R.

    Sapient College of Commerce and Management, Mysore

    “This internship is the first step towards my new track in life. It has made me a person who now has values like empathy and fearlessness. At the same time, a professional who has improved and learned new skills like research, analytical skills, leadership and communication. The internship has given me a sense of confidence that I was trying to find inside me. Now, I have become a person who can say “Yes” confidently and “No” often."

    Saarim K.

    PES University

    “Eye-opening! I think the internship is an initial interface between me and my future self, in the professional sense.”​

    Swetha R.

    Lafayette College, United States

    “Phenomenal! The internship made me explore my choices, my interests, my calibre and my values. Through my capstone project, I was able to think out of the box towards more practical problems of the world and be passionate to think towards resolutions. This internship was a kick start to my professional endeavour in life. The first genuine internship where I learnt not just skills but also the values.”

    Vanshu S.

    Amity Law School

    “Words cannot describe the amazing experience I got here! It made me disciplined, made me want to work really hard, taught me how to pay attention to detail and helped me shape a better vision for my career.”

    Shreya S.

    Ashoka University