• Besides launching personal initiatives and projects, YPDP alumni assume leadership roles at top management consulting firms, major investment banks, Fortune 500 companies, national and intergovernmental organizations, etc.

  • YPDP alumni come from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds — from remote colleges of India to India's leading institutions — and top-ranked universities across the world. They belong to small towns, cities, villages and metropolitans spread across the country.


    Several past interns came from leading IITs and IIMs.

    IIT Bombay

    IIT Kharagpur

    IIT Madras

    IIT Kanpur

    IIT Guwahati

    IIT Bhubaneswar

    IIT (BHU) Varanasi

    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

    IIT Patna

    IIM Lucknow

    IIM Indore


    Many represented NITs, from Meghalaya to Trichy.​

    NIT Trichy

    NIT Durgapur

    NIT Karnataka

    NIT Meghalaya

    NIT Andhra Pradesh

    NIT Jaipur

    NIT Patna

    NIT Surat


    Past interns included students from top NLUs.

    Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala​

    National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

    Chanakya National Law University, Patna

    Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow​

    Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar


    Past interns represented several other leading institutions of India.

    Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

    University of Delhi

    Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

    NIFT, Delhi

    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India​ (ICAI)

    BITS, Pilani

    Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

    University of Mumbai

    Ashoka University

    Jamia Millia Islamia​

    Delhi Technological University (DTU)

    Christ University

    IMT Ghaziabad

    St. Xavier's College, Kolkata

    Lady Shri Ram College for Women


    Past interns included Indian students studying at world-class universities across North America, Europe and Asia.

    Georgetown University

    University of Toronto

    Babson College

    Tufts University

    University of Chicago

    Kelley School of Business

    Case Western Reserve University

    Lafayette College

    Penn State University​

    Wabash College

    Pace University

    Ithaca College

    University of London

    Haverford College

  • AlumniSpeak

    YPDP Class of 2021

    “Amazingly enriching!”

    Abhijna P.

    IIT Madras

    "Exceptional internship! I feel proud to be a part of this organisation."

    Kumar P.

    IIM Indore

    "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (extraordinarily good and wonderful)!"

    Nehal J.

    Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

    "Purposeful and transformational."

    Gauri G.

    Lady Shri Ram College for Women

    "Incredibly life-changing."

    Satyam R.

    NIT Surat

    "Enriching! The overall program was built with very great precision that lets the person unlock his true leadership potential from within. Many a time even after having the skillsets, we are not able to carve it out, which YPDP helped bring out. Thank you Dexterity!"

    Nikhil L.

    IIT Varanasi

    "Phenomenal! It has made me much more disciplined, hardworking, and dedicated to my work. It helped me to follow the deadlines strictly. It helped me to focus on my career in the right direction."

    Vipul K.

    NIT Karnataka

    "One of a kind! This program has been a trailblazer in shaping lives of young students. It'd attribute all my impending success to the values, lessons and knowledge I've gained from my YPDP experience. From understanding the significance of uncompromising principles, impact of my actions, outlook towards life and my overall holistic development, I shall forever be grateful to the Dexterity CEO and the organization for showing and paving our path to success in life."

    Akshaya S.

    London School of Economics

    "Everything that I could have expected from my first internship and much more.​"

    Ravit S.

    Gujarat National Law University

    "YPDP is synonymous to kaizen. At YPDP, I learnt a lot about how our actions should be aligned for the greater good of the society. It is this learning which led me to understand that I need to work in a field relating to sustainability."

    Himanshu C.

    BITS Pilani

    "Trail-blazing! YPDP has helped me realise that as a future manager, I need to pay more attention to detail and be more cognizant of what's happening around."

    Preksha S.

    IIM Indore

    "YPDP polished my desires and nurtured my skills to serve the Nation. I got to interact with a lot of like-minded enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. It was as if I was suddenly exposed to a whole new paradigm other than what I was been living in, and must say, every week, I tried absorbing it as much as I could."

    Ashish T.

    IIT Kanpur

    "Memorable! YPDP has helped me a lot in understanding the core values of Leadership and Nation-building."

    Ritabrata G.

    NIT Durgapur

    "Unique and transformative! Before YPDP, I believed corporate world to be mechanical and inflexible. But YPDP has changed my perspective by introducing me to the most innovative and impactful side of the corporate world. YPDP was not just an internship but something more than that. It built me in and out. It has given me the opportunity to deeply introspect my strength and weaknesses."

    Swega S.

    The University of Chicago, USA

    "The best kick-start to my professional career. This program has given me a wonderful insight into the next phase of my life, where it would be my turn to give back to the society, and what should be the right way to go about it."

    Raisha K.

    Azim Premji University

    "YPDP was full of positive vibes and learning new things which equipped me and prepared me for the future. Prior to this internship, writing a 500-words report/essay seemed to be a hard task but now with practice and experience, 500-words looks like an easy and quick task. Communicating directly with the CEO boosted my confidence and increased trust on the organization which helped me move in a correct direction."

    Rhythm M.

    Christ University

    "Exciting! Pushed me outside of my comfort zone."

    Devansh G.

    Haverford College, USA

    "A holistic eye-opener! Through the course of YPDP, I've gained a deeper understanding of self and the corporate world. I have developed a brand new detailed approach towards my work and I am now determined to always fight the battle of high standards. This internship has given me the confidence to take over leadership and management roles further on in my life."

    Nithya R.

    Apollo Medical College

    "Insightful, enriching and worth remembering! This program has impacted me in quite a way. It has taught me the importance to work for society in today's scenario. I have learned that discipline and passion are quite needed in our work in order to be successful in our life. I have honed my public speaking skills and my way of thinking to a large extent."

    Srijan N.

    Delhi Technological University

    "YPDP instilled the seeds of accuracy, precision and hard-work in me. I just want to thank Dexterity for the experience."

    Sanika S.

    Fergusson College

    "Incredible and most valuable experience! Moving towards the end, I sensed my mindset changing from “What my work would bring to me & my family?” to “Is my work & knowledge having any impact on the society?” And, to my understanding, this is the impact of Dexterity through YPDP."

    Ayushi M.

    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

    “Enriching an fun-filled experience! YPDP inculcated a sense of professionalism and timeliness in me. Every task helped me polish my hard and soft skills. Every social hour and office hour was so informative. The stories and experiences shared by the Dexterity CEO have deeply inspired me. YPDP experience has been nothing but the best."

    Niyola M.

    Indian School of Commerce

    "Very unique and fresh! YPDP experience helped me become more empathetic and broaden my vision. It helps me stand out among a lot of other engineers."

    Vikram M.

    Punjab Engineering College

    "I learnt new things about myself, things I didn't know I had, got a better vision of what I want to do for the community. I started visualizing how India would look years from now, when we tap into all this undiscovered potential, it made me hopeful, it made me want to work towards creating that India, it invoked strong emotions within me."

    Mahah S.

    PES University

    "Meaningful! I have got so much from Dexterity. I am glad I made it to this place."

    Pryshaa M.

    University of Delhi

    "Life-changing, both professionally and personally! It gave me courage to think beyond the prescribed curriculum and act on my ideas of public service and nation building. At Dexterity, I found a place where character and ideas are placed before market value. I found my people."

    Arushi S.

    University of Delhi

    "Amazing! The program taught me the importance of discipline and punctuality. I will never forget my YPDP internship in my life."

    Kanishka K.

    St. Xavier's College, Kolkata

    "An incredible and unforgettable experience! YPDP has impacted every aspect of my personality and my perspective of life. I understood the importance of being attentive and observant, and witnessed the joy of working hard. Most importantly, I learned how to utilize my skills in right direction and realized my responsibility towards nation building."

    Vaishnavi S.

    University Institute of Engineering and Technology