• The six-week internship program grooms candidates into problem-solving leaders and effective managers for India — young professionals who can use their training and education to solve problems of the present and future, and offer leadership to the country.

  • The Internship Program is divided into three segments:


    Intern Development

    Weeks 1-2

    Candidates begin their internship journey with a week-long orientation that enables them to identify the purpose of their education and training, introduces them to the values and vision of the organization and facilitates self-reflection.

    Organizational Leadership

    Weeks 2-5

    After orientation, candidates get started with real work. They provide solutions to management problems, build themselves as leaders through training modules and better understand organizational leadership while executing various management-related tasks and assignments.

    Career Transition

    Week 6 Onwards

    The Young Professionals Development Program comes with a dedicated training in career readiness enabling candidates to transition to graduate school and navigate professional career with ease.

  • Office Hours with the Dexterity CEO

    Every Sunday throughout the internship program, candidates have the opportunity to be part of digital office hours with the Dexterity CEO. Office Hours are digital video meet-ups where candidates can ask questions, discuss goals and assignments and get further guidance in their careers directly from the CEO. As part of the commitment, the Dexterity CEO makes himself available to all interns through the internship program and beyond once they become alumni.

  • As an emergency response, 1000 Internships Program (now, YPDP) supported young Indians at a time when many of whom had lost their internship or job offers to the COVID crisis.


    interns found Dexterity Global's senior management highly accessible during the internship program


    interns said that the program enabled them to build a sense of global higher educational opportunities and possibilities


    interns reported that the program equipped them with professional career readiness


    interns said that the program stoked their entrepreneurial spirits and they were likely to build their own organization or startup in the future.


    interns recommended that Dexterity Global should make the 1000 Internships Program an annual feature and offer this program every year


    interns said they would recommend the 1000 Internships Program to other young people if it was offered again.

  • On completion of the internship, the interns in Class of 2020 found the program to be highly instrumental in the following:


    felt that the program helped them in building overall sense of direction and vision in career


    felt that the program redefined their knowledge and understanding of leadership


    felt that the program helped them in building a strong profile


    felt that the program helped them in building new skills and abilities


    felt that the program instilled in them a strong commitment towards nation-building


    felt that the program instilled in them a strong commitment to public service


    felt that the program helped them in building overall confidence


    felt that the program helped them in positively using the lockdown period